Dig IN and Dig OUT: A Long Winter Contributes to Inflammation


A long winter is pro-inflammatory. In this podcast Dr. Mark Pettus explains why and how to dig yourself out of a long, cold season.

Inflammation is at the center of many chronic, complex diseases e.g. diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, autoimmunity, and depression. Dr. Mark Pettus has some science-based and really helpful self-care tips to approach inflammation. In this podcast, he teaches us some ways to take the N=1 [that’s uniquely you!] and turn an “inflammatory burden” into an “Anti-inflammatory garden”.

Be your own gardener and landscape architect and learn new methods of self-care that change the “soil” of your health. When we redesign and reconstruct our life structure and fill our lives with mindful, healthy choices, we make our lives better.

Lifestyle strategies are greatly under-utilized yet simple lifestyle considerations are mighty effective in reducing Inflammation and allowing the body to regain its Health Edge.

Tune in to you and tune in to Doctor Go! For more on Inflammation, read Dr Pettus' accompanying lecture in Doctor Go! To hear more podcasts from Mark Pettus and John Bagnulo, visit The Health Edge.