Good Girl Go - Fait Main is a place for a happy exchange where a little bit of the French summer market is brought to you all year long, wherever you live. Good Girl Go Go Go is thrilled to be providing Good Things Made by Good People.  

Fait Main began in a suitcase, a suit case full of little wonders. For the purposes of convenient travel, I started with small, light weight, hand-crafted objects from the French markets I visit each summer - pottery, jewelry, scarves, tops, and sandals.  I delighted in the conversations I had with artisans, visiting them each week at the market, or discovering them while visiting a different region. 

All objects in Fait Main are made by French artisans, all of whom I know and visit each year. I am only permitted to carry over a certain amount to meet customs allowances. That means many of my pieces are one-offs and my inventory is small. There is a beauty in this type of exchange because it keeps things simple: what's there is there and when it's gone, it's gone. It also ensures that you are buying something that no one else has. It keeps your experience unique and special, just like the objects I carry home and deliver to you by handStay tuned for announcements letting you know when Good Girl GoGoGoes to market. 


Good Girl Go - Hand Made goes hand in hand with Good Girl Go - Fait Main, bringing wonderful things made in the good ol’ US-of-A to you, wherever you live. Good Things Made by Good People can be found all over the world. Some times, the most magical discoveries are the ones right next door to you.

Discovering something special that was made in your own neighborhood, talking with the person who made it, and supporting a local economy resonates deep within us all and completes a human connection, transforming a mere sales transaction into a meaningful exchange. It’s a practice that can change your life - the way you look at it and the things you choose to bring in to it.

Buying Local is a healthy part of living well, making good choices, and being mindful of the community and tremendous talent that surrounds you. Wherever you live on this beautiful planet, keep looking for Good Things Made by Good People and you are sure to enrich your spirit while helping a local community thrive.  Go on, Good Girl, Buy Local and Buy Well.  

Stay tuned for announcements letting you know when Good Girl GoGoGoes to market.