Stories are meant to be shared. Yet, organizing a book club isn't always easy. No matter how much we love reading… and talking … and sharing a glass of wine or a cuppa' together, many of us are pressed for time. There is no one time slot that is universally ideal for meeting up and let's face it, corralling cats is stressful. Book clubs are now being organized for the sole purpose of carving out time to read together with no discussion involved. Umm, I dunno, but that sounds an awful lot like going to the Library and that would be just great, too, but it doesn’t address the need to share why or how a story leaves its mark.

While we are all in glorious orbit around one another and learning new things as we go, wouldn't it be great to have a place where we can write about the books we are reading; to share our musings with friends and friends-of-friends? and to hear how a book resonates [or not] in another person's life? 

Whether you are reading about Nutrition, History, Spirituality, Science, Politics, Religion or escaping into other worlds ... all by yourself, with your children, or in a group - taking time out to read, JUST READ is such a pure and wonderful act.  Soooo, if you love to read and wish you could 'review' the books you read and share your thoughts, Good Girl would love to hear from you. "Good Reads" is a new section on Good Girl Go Go Go that is devoted to your reviews and how the act of reading finds a place in your life. 

Wherever you live in this world, if you are interested in participating in this dialogue, please send an email or message us on Facebook. Good Girl Go Go Go will send you an update with details about how to submit your reviews. “Good Reads” is open to all. Upon acceptance of your review, it can appear anonymously or not, whatever makes you feel most comfortable. The only criteria is that you keep your review 1) friendly and constructive 2) “short n sweet,” less than 800 words and 3) open to edits.

 Please feel free to share this with your friends. The more the merrier. Go on, Good Girl, show us your Good Read!