Fait Main began in a suitcase, a suit case full of little wonders. For the purposes of convenient travel, I started with small, light weight, hand-crafted objects from the French markets I visit each summer - pottery, jewelry, scarves, tops, and sandals.  Filling a suit case full of Good Things Made by Good People in France made me incredibly happy. I delighted in the conversations I had with artisans, visiting them each week at the market, or discovering them while visiting a different region. Bringing home a suit case full of their hand-made objects and sharing them with friends in America made me even happier.  

It has been so much fun that Good Girl Go Go Go will launch Fait Main on-line in 2015. That way, I can open my suit case and share with you, too!  

All objects in Fait Main are made by French artisans, all of whom I know and visit each year. I am only permitted to carry over a certain amount to meet customs allowances. That means many of my pieces are one-offs and my inventory is small. There is a beauty in this type of exchange because it keeps things simple: what's there is there and when it's gone, it's gone.

It also ensures that you are buying something that no one else has. It keeps your experience unique and special, just like the objects I carry home and deliver to you by hand. Rest assured, there's always the option to special order items, but only if you are truly patient and willing to wait for special items to be made and for the French post to arrive...but we all know that all good things are worth the wait. So don't hesitate to write to me about special orders: carolann@goodgirlgogogo.com. 

Fait Main is a place for a happy exchange where a little bit of the French summer market is brought to you all year long, where ever you live. Good Girl Go Go Go is thrilled to be providing Good Things Made by Good People.